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Management and /or administration of operations of any of the companies of an economic or corporate group in a specific geographic  area or globally, including strategic planning, business development, managing and/or training personnel, operation control and/or logistics.

Logistics and/or warehousing of components or parts required for the manufacturing or assembling of any product manufactured by the company.

Technical assistance to companies of an economic or corporate group or to customers having acquired products or services from any such companies, for which the latter shall be under the obligation to provide support services.

Financial management, including treasury services, of an economic or corporate group.

Accounting of an economic or corporate group.

Preparation of plans being part of the designs and/or constructions, or any thereof, in the normal course of business of the headquarter or any subsidiaries thereof.

Consulting, coordination and monitoring of marketing and advertising strategy for goods or services produced by any economic or corporate group.

The electronic processing of any activity including  in the consolidation of operations of an economic or corporate group. This services include network operations.

Support of operations and research and development of products and services of an economic or corporate group.

Any other analogous service previously approved by Cabinet.


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